In Utmost Seriousness.

I try to be non-judgemental of other people, and to accept friends whose beliefs are different, or come from difficult perspectives for me to understand.

However, I am only human.

I have turned both cheeks, and walked the extra mile, for many years, but I have limits beyond which my endurance fails.
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Dear Macy’s: Think. Harder.

OK, I realize we have achieved a point in the civil rights battles of our times in which all of the major retailers ask for whether each party of a wedding is a bride or groom — so, at least some of the old sexism is wearing away.

So, I’d registered with Macy’s (don’t get excited, I didn’t actually “gift register” anything yet), and as expected, their web forms were more than happy with having two grooms.

It seems, however, their follow-up marketing team didn’t get the memo.

This is what they sent me.

Dear Macy’s: Think. Harder. 😛

Quote of the Day: Bricks

There’s so much myth and baloney. Like a 80-year-old man able to manhandle
a 300-pounder with his little finger. Ridiculous. Or this matter of
breaking bricks and boards wth the edge of your hand. Now I ask you,
did you ever see a brick or a board pick a fight with anybody?

-Bruce Lee

Configuring Jenkins as a poor man’s Koji



Jenkins is a continuous integration (i.e. Make) server with a bundle of great features. It’s similar to Fedora’s Koji system in that it can build packages, on the fly, on a network of build servers.

For my purposes, Jenkins is a general-purpose builder (it’s not necessarily tied to RPM builds), and has some nice integration plug-ins with outside services. So, this post is mostly a “note to self” about configuring Jenkins to actually do RPM builds, off of a Git repository (in this case, GitHub, for work.)

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Lefties in the Oval Office

Random observation, from Wikipedia:

As of 2012, five out of the last seven presidents have been left-handed. Counting as far back as Truman, the number is five (or six) out of twelve. In the 1992 election, all three major candidates – George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Ross Perot – were left-handed.[2] The 1996 election also involved three left-handed candidates: Clinton, Perot, and Bob Dole, who learned to use his left hand after his right hand was paralyzed by a World War II injury. Additionally, both major-party candidates in the 2008 presidential election – Barack Obama and John McCain – were left-handed.[8] The percentage of the population who are left-handed is about 10%.[3] While some write this trend off as a coincidence, others have tried to come up with scientific explanations. According to Daniel Geschwind, a professor of human genetics at UCLA, in 2008: “Six out of the past 12 presidents is statistically significant, and probably means something”.[3]


I took The Egg (our ’95 Geo Metro) in for an axle replacement and noticed that she’s at 160,000 miles on her 2° engine, which means around 280,000 miles on the chassis. I was feeling kinda proud of her.

Then, NASA goes and marches the SSO Atlantis out for a photo-op on her way to be scuttled, and the fotonotes point out that she’s got 125,000,000+ miles on her.

Cool art print for sale…

Just lookie-here

“Consumed by Desire”

“Consumed by Desire”