Apparently, we turned the gravity up 10% today, and forgot to tell the cats.

After the second 9.8m÷s÷s -induced failure of the evening, at least two of them are now on deep patrol, attempting to identify the source of the mysterious force which is clearly out to get them…

Better still.

Despite having a nasty sinus infection, which somehow I managed to catch from Sage despite efforts to quarantine, and is trying desperately to work its way into my lungs, I do have to look around and think:

It is wonderful that it’s mid-December, and we have the windows open to let the breeze blow through the house, because the weather is just ever so slightly on the chilly side of the 70’s.

I sometimes miss friends and places from 12 years in Jacksonville, but I shan’t miss the nasty winters.

(if it looks like I’m drunk, or can’t type, it’s probably because this post came from my mobile.)

Facepalm on Healthcare Costs

The Human Rights Campaign notes that most companies experience little to no effective increase in healthcare costs by virtue of providing domestic partner and/or unrecognized spousal insurance coverage. It turns out, that this comes as a surprise to many people, including corporate decision-makers responsible for making these policies.

Among other notes, they point out that most of the people who take advantage of same-sex spousal benefits are relatively young and healthy; and …

same-sex domestic partners are less likely to become pregnant.

Um, gee, guys, that came as a surprise to y’all?

Fourth-grade vocabulary?

Observation from XKCD:

… 10,000 word vocabularies are surprisingly capable of describing complex systems. The Saturn V has got to be one of the most complex machines every built, and here you have it. Of course, it would have benefited from “cryogenic, Hydrogen, Helium, and Oxygen,” but nonetheless, an impressive effort … Don’t knock it.