Wedding Invitations

Yes, they have arrived. Tonight, I collate, and tomorrow, they should be in the mail.

Thanks to Shelley and Chris at Quality Images, who have worked through my amateur efforts and made something wonderful.

If you know anything about printing, the centre-bifold design here with the very precise cropping and artwork alignment is a bit of a nightmare to get right, and I’d all but resigned myself to the fact that there would be some amount of irregularity to it.

There isn’t.

They’re perfect.

You’ll see. It’s just one more good omen.

On other news, Internet cheap-printing-with-high-pressure-upselling powerhouse VistaPrint has also produced some very nice vinyl banners for the reception, that I designed off the same theme as the invitations and so forth, and those arrived (Thursday? or Friday?) as well. So far, so good. Everything is coming up roses …

Egg Cracked.

The recurring alternator problem with the Egg turns out to be a long-since-broken bolt holding the alternator bracket; so she’s getting a $400+ spa treatment (again).


Update: All better. The nice man tapped out a new bolt-hole, and even tidied up the wiring a bit.

Fortune: Men over 100

My fortune cookie (that appears when I connect to my home PC) for today:

The Schwine-Kitzenger Institute study of 47 men over the age of 100
showed that all had these things in common:

(1) They all had moderate appetites.
(2) They all came from middle class homes
(3) All but two of them were dead.

My Egg is not ugly!

As I scrambled for change, the homeless guy at the offramp calls the Good Egg “such an ugly little car!” … wow.

Lesson: thank God I have a lovely “ugly little car” and the job to pay for it, or you’d be short that 75¢, buddy …

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(if it looks like I’m drunk, or can’t type, it’s probably because this post came from my mobile.)

By the Way: Mystery Knives

By the Way …

We got some pretty mystery knives. Maybe someone reading this can shed some light.

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Invitations are going to press

OK. It’s happened. The wedding invitations are going to the presses.

Which means, I get to have an origami party (serves me right for coming up with a complicated design!) and stuff envelopes for all of you some evening(s) next week … and, y’all should expect to see them in your mailboxes by the end of the month.Wedding Invitation low-res



As you’d expect, spoilers follow.

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Wedding and children

I got a question asking about children at the wedding:

Yes, absolutely, bring your kids ☺

They’re also invited to the Reception. However … after the formal reception party ends, around 7pm we start turning the bar back over to the bar staff, and that will mean anyone under 18 will have to leave.

Also, I should mention that anyone who wants to drink at the Reception will need their valid photo ID or passport.