The METRO Entertainment Complex logos

Got a message today from the owner, Jerry Rosenberg, looking for copies of some logos I’d redesigned back in ‘O8 and figured I might as well post some of ’em here.


Business logo:metro-business-logo


The “Special Events” aka “Showtunes” variant, with input from Kingsley Spencer:



The Freedom flag variant of that one:


And some of the signage and things using the logo … not all of which made it to press …

metro-bizcard-blank metro-showtunes-matchbooks metro-business-logo metro-bizcard-mike metro-shadows metro-sappho metro-rainbow metro-oasis metro-gameroom metro-disco metro-boiler


covers for the matchbooks (silver foil on purple gloss):




Some time later, they revised the logo. The skyline in the ones I’d done was traced from a photo, standing on the bridge looking downtown, but the “sparkley” version was apparently traced off the older, hand-drawn skyline that matched the previous version of the logo. Here’s the sample that Jerry sent me:


So, I retouched the “showtunes” logo to more-or-less match it for him … Still with the “photographic” skyline. The funny thing is that the moon had been facing the other way on the old business cards; I flipped it to match the neon sign out front. So that logo is a really strange hybrid …

metro-showtunes-sparkley-pink metro-showtunes-sparkley-pink-low-res

And, while I was in that folder, I ran across a few old promo posters for the bars … you can see the inspiration for the “sparkley pink” version probably came from the Fridays & Saturdays logo here … ?Monday lowres Lesbo•A•Go-Go lowres Karaoke lowres Gameroom lowres Drag lowres Boiler & Sappho's lowres College Night lowres DJ lowres 365 Days lowres Wild Wednesday lowres Weekend lowres Tuesday lowres Sunday Special Events lowres Sunday SIN lowres Rainbow Room lowres Strip Contest lowres

and a few of them in high-res …

Thursdays Sundays QaF Karaoke Lesbo Pool



Note to self … I should probably “tag” a few folks on Facebook who might remember the Old Days. I think all those posters are from January ’O8, so it’s been 7½ years ago, now.





Wedding Invitations

Yes, they have arrived. Tonight, I collate, and tomorrow, they should be in the mail.

Thanks to Shelley and Chris at Quality Images, who have worked through my amateur efforts and made something wonderful.

If you know anything about printing, the centre-bifold design here with the very precise cropping and artwork alignment is a bit of a nightmare to get right, and I’d all but resigned myself to the fact that there would be some amount of irregularity to it.

There isn’t.

They’re perfect.

You’ll see. It’s just one more good omen.

On other news, Internet cheap-printing-with-high-pressure-upselling powerhouse VistaPrint has also produced some very nice vinyl banners for the reception, that I designed off the same theme as the invitations and so forth, and those arrived (Thursday? or Friday?) as well. So far, so good. Everything is coming up roses …

Cool art print for sale…

Just lookie-here

“Consumed by Desire”

“Consumed by Desire”