LANANA /opt/fab

Got a confirmation message that LANANA has assigned the ticket, to review our request, to reserve the /opt/fab directory for our use. So, Fab Lad for Linux® may install to /opt/fab/lad … some future games would then install beside it; eg, /opt/fab/violet-volts (but that’s just a dev codename, we wouldn’t actually ship under that name)

We have animation!

And, with last night’s rebuild, we have motion-capture animations being imported into the engine successfully. One of the NPC’s was able to walk, run, and do cartwheels.

Got to triage the mo-cap data; it’ll need some cleanups. On a scripted side, I’ve got to reset the center of gravity for the character to stay pinned at origin in the x and y axēs (so we can move them around the playfield freely), and there will be some manual editing and changes to fingers and such. Sage’s going over the catalogue to triage the most important candidates this morning, and we may be able to start tying them together into an “animation blueprint” to-morrow.

With the new shaders, this is really starting to look like a game. I might “leak” some art soon.