Wedding Updates (yes, again!)

26 Days: and Counting

Well, this update is mostly banal; we’ve been concerning ourselves with details like table centerpieces and tuxedo fittings.

  • We’ve had a serious hiccough  and lost our original photographer, but are chasing down some leads on other options.
  • Mindy of Professor Whisky’s Traveling Bizarre Bazaar has taken away my permission to “micro-manage” (her word) the Reception plans, and now has a stack of glassware and funky acrylic beads and is placing orders for crepe paper. I fear the crepe may become an endangered species.
  • We’ve finished the (church-mandated) premarital counseling sessions (albeit with a little piece of homework) and have pretty much all of the details ironed out.
  • Jacksonville is giving us the gift of cleanliness: the St John’s river cleanup is going on the morning of the wedding, so the whole town may be cleaner than usual… yay!
  • It seems that someone (perhaps the Public Works office) has randomly built a very large mountain of dirt in front of the reception hall.
  • We also have some thank-you notes to mail out already, including a much-belated one to my cousin David and his wife Christine, the donors of the mysterious knife set I’d mentioned previously. Another mystery solved.
  • I don’t think I had posted it, but the Rings were delivered. Yay!

Recurring questions include:

  • Dress code: Ties aren’t overrated, but don’t worry too much about it, the bouncers are really lax!
  • Gift registry (see the wedding web site, if you’re curious)
  • and if we need a hand with “anything”: yes, Mindy could use some hands to set and strike the Reception, we can put you in touch with her.

I’ll update the wedding web site (for the last time, perhaps?) shortly.


Update: something chewed up my post in weird ways earlier. Cleaned it up, today.

Better still.

Despite having a nasty sinus infection, which somehow I managed to catch from Sage despite efforts to quarantine, and is trying desperately to work its way into my lungs, I do have to look around and think:

It is wonderful that it’s mid-December, and we have the windows open to let the breeze blow through the house, because the weather is just ever so slightly on the chilly side of the 70’s.

I sometimes miss friends and places from 12 years in Jacksonville, but I shan’t miss the nasty winters.

(if it looks like I’m drunk, or can’t type, it’s probably because this post came from my mobile.)

Thanksgiving Plans

Sage’s handling the details, but it seems we’ll be

  • in Pensacola on Thursday for Thanksgiving with Sage’s clan,
  • and over to Jacksonville on Saturday for premarital counseling, then
  • the Prom at the Karpeles Manuscript Museum that Professor Whiskey’s Traveling Bizarre Bazaar is hosting.

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