Halt, and Catch Fire

The HCF or HACF command has long been used for the (usually fictitious) command “halt and catch fire.” One legend has it that the core memory used in the 1960’s could be ignited using a HALT instruction (which looped on accessing the same address over and over again) on certain mainframes — I believe by IBM? — so the engineers referred to it as “HALT (and catch fire).” The Motorola 6800 chip (the one that the MOS 6500 was a semi-clone of) used HCF to “kill” the CPU for a self-test. And now, Motorola phones often have programmer-unfriendly settings that can turn the phone into a brick if you try to load your own software on it.

Symantec, however, has implemented it again. I wonder if the genius who wrote this command realized that “hacf” already stood for something obvious to any hacker worth his salt, or if he were friends with the Wisconsin Tourist Federation guys?